Alumni Book Nook – Karen E. Mosier (BA’00, MSc’04)

Saskatoon-based writer Karen E. Mosier is the author of "The Deadly Intruder: A Kingdom in Terror"

University of Saskatchewan (USask) graduate Karen E. Mosier (BA’00, Msc’04) drew inspiration from her home province of Saskatchewan for her latest book, The Deadly Intruder: A Kingdom in Terror, which was published in April 2024 by Friesen Press. It is the second book in her Darach Tales series, following Dagger of Urachadh: Attack From the Underworld, which was published in May 2021. She is also the author of Soft Skills and Professional Tips for the Office, which was released in 2020.

Mosier, who was born and raised in Saskatchewan, earned two degrees at USask: A Bachelor of Arts (honours) degree in psychology from the College of Arts and Science in 2000, and a Master of Science degree in pharmacy from the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition in 2004. Since graduating, she has worked at USask and is currently employed as a research coordinator with the Department of Surgery in the College of Medicine.

What is the focus of your new book?

The Deadly Intruder: A Kingdom in Terror is the second book in the Darach Tales series. In this fantasy fiction book, Golden uses her magic amulet—that she found in her deceased grandfather’s study—to go back in time to an alternate, fantastical version of Saskatchewan in the 1500s to visit her best friend, Button, a young boy from the Hills clan territory. Upon her return, she finds out all is not well. There is a deadly unknown intruder attacking both young and old. Golden and Button spring into to action to find the heinous monster and save the Darach people from further vicious attacks.

What inspired you to write this book?

I am Saskatchewan born and raised. I wanted to write about something I was familiar with. My fantasy fiction book plot is written around exciting places to visit in Saskatchewan. I was especially intrigued with the Mystery Rocks outside Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, which could have been a portal to other worlds.

Did your education at USask play a role in researching and/or writing this book? If so, how?

I am a research coordinator at the University of Saskatchewan, so I review and help write research grants—so I have ample experience with grant writing. I have been involved in helping faculty write their grant proposals for over the last 18 years, so this definitely helped my own writing skills.

What are five adjectives that you would use to describe your book?

Fantasy, Celtic mythology, time travel, medieval setting, and friendship.

Why would you recommend your book to USask alumni?

This book, rich with beautiful illustrations and Celtic mythology, is a treat to read for any fantasy enthusiast and will be enjoyed by all ages. The setting of this book is written around interesting places to visit in Saskatchewan. If you enjoy fantasy fiction, you will enjoy this book. This book would also make a great gift for young readers interested in time travel and magic.