Where the wild pigs roam

In 2013, Ruth Aschim—along with 99.9 per cent of the population—was unaware wild pigs were roaming rural Canada.

One year later

Merlis Belsher Place's first year of operation a success

Exploring new frontiers: All in a day's work

When Bernice Rahm looks at the night sky in search of Mars, it gets personal for her.

A researcher's curiosity

The Green & White asked three top USask researchers to recall that special eureka moment when they knew where their career path was taking them.

A new chapter for a new chancellor

Q&A with Grit McCreath

"I wonder what would happen if I did this?"

USask art alumni embody courageous curiosity

Coaching cues

Athlete Era: an app for athletes, parents and coaches

All in on insulation

Harold Orr looks back on his work designing the famed Saskatchewan Conservation House (SCH) with a mix of pride and disappointment, but still with a dash of hopefulness. 

Agriculture is grounded in indigenous communities

There’s great opportunity to further Indigenous agriculture in Saskatchewan. 

Chief Poundmaker receives an apology

“I witnessed history that day.” That statement from Bill Waiser outlines the significance he sees stemming from the federal government’s apology to the Poundmaker First Nation last May.

Alumni perspective

For Kendal Netmaker (BA’11, BEd’11), overcoming obstacles has been a big part of his life. He was raised by a single parent and came from a low-income family, but that never Stopped him from wanting to reach for more.

Mover and shaker

Carrie Lambden’s (BSNT’08) passion for nutrition came from two sources: her grandma and from being an athlete. Along with her grandma being big into nutrition, Lambden was a member of the Huskie women’s volleyball team at USask, which kept nutrition top of mind.

USask Alumni advice

Marta Erlandson (BSKI’05, MSC’07, PhD’11) lived an active life growing up and was always interested in physical activity, but really found her passion during a growth and development class during her undergraduate degree at USask.

Volunteer highlight

When a USask Alumni event is happening around campus, you can pretty much count on seeing current student Reggie Nyamekye putting her hand up to volunteer in some capacity. She tells us why she’s so inclined to lend a helping hand.