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Candice Grant

Candice Grant (BA’05, LLB’08) is a Saskatoon lawyer who is committed to giving back to her community.

She is the past chair of the board of trustees for the Saskatoon Public Library and past chair of the board of directors for CHEP Good Food Inc. She also influenced programs such as community gardens and the collective kitchen program in Saskatoon. She has been a big sister with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Saskatoon, is a former chair of the school community council at Dundonald School and was appointed to the Meewasin Valley appeal board.

G&W: What specifically attracted you to volunteering?

CG: I initially started volunteering shortly after I moved to Saskatoon to start my education with USask as a way to meet new people in the community. As I started getting involved, I was proud to see the difference that I could make with my time and effort. I gained skills and experience that I could put to use in my daily life and my career.

G&W: What keeps you motivated to continue to volunteer?

CG: I’ve been very fortunate to have the time to dedicate to my volunteer efforts and to work at a great law firm that really values and supports volunteers. It motivates me to see and hear about the excellent work that the organizations that I have been fortunate enough to be involved with have done in the community.

G&W: What types of relationships and learning experiences have you taken away from volunteering?

CG: Volunteering has been a great way to make connections with others who share my interests and values, and also to learn from those who have differing perspectives. I am so appreciative of the friendships and professional relationships that I have gained over the course of my volunteer work. I have had a number of incredible learning opportunities during my volunteer work. I can recall, for instance, taking a deep dive into food security issues with CHEP Good Food Inc., and learning about the shifting dynamics of library users with the Saskatoon Public Library. In each of my volunteer positions, I have had the opportunity to learn about topics and to gain knowledge from others that I never would have encountered in my daily life.

G&W: How do you aim to inspire others to get involved?

CG: I believe in leading by example. I hope that others are inspired to find a cause that is meaningful to them and to find a way to contribute.


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