Chris Unsworth, chair, Alumni Advisory Board

FIVE questions with Chris Unsworth

There are some aspects of Chris Unworth’s (DIPAGB'12) background that still resonate today.

His family has tilled the same land in Saskatchewan for more than 100 years and that same work ethic is something Unsworth proudly displays today in the local business scene.

His work ethic served him well as a student and as a student athlete. Unsworth was part of the Huskies men’s basketball team that won a national title in 2010.

After his graduation in 2012, he has eagerly continued to serve as a volunteer at USask events such as convocation and with Huskie Athletics. The connection back to campus is important to Unsworth.

Again, Unsworth’s work ethic has served him well in his entrepreneurial enterprises as well as a software and business development consultant with IMAGINiT Technologies in Saskatoon.

Unsworth believes that through his hard work, positive results can be achieved. It is something he believes will serve him well as the new chair of the USask alumni advisory board.   


1.) Tell us a favourite memory of your time at USask.

Probably one of the best memories was helping the Huskies win the first national championship for basketball. All of the hard work, early morning practices, friendships and memories created with teammates. 

2.) You’ve been part of the Alumni Association now for a few years now. What drew you to become a member?  

When I graduated, I didn’t have the financial resources to give back to the University, but I wanted to stay connected. So, I looked for ways that I could get involved and help to promote the school that had been a home for me. Starting with SAGA and progressing to the Alumni Association (now the Alumni Advisory Board). 

3.) As Chair, how do you plan to enhance the reputation of the university?

The university is a phenomenal place to build a learning skill-set, start your career and pursue research. It also can bring lifelong friendships and community. I want to connect our alumni of the past with the newest graduates to really build USask into a globally-connected community. Also to promote life-long learning so that USask isn’t just a stop at the beginning of the journey, but connection for life. 

4.) What is it about USask that you’d like others to know? 

I’ve been privileged to work with the Alumni Achievement Awards for the past few years and can say that Usask alumni are world changers.  

5.) How can you increase alumni involvement?

I can’t, it’s up to people to choose to stay involved. I would encourage our newest graduates to be the change they want to see in the world. USask is a great partner and resource that can help build your future through networking with other alumni, resources, and ongoing learning.

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