Editor's note

The cover photo is always the hardest part of putting together this magazine. With so many stories to tell and people to highlight, it can be a challenge to decide who will be the face of them all.


When I read Amy Smith-Morris’ story about her role as a cancer survivor and all the great work she’s done to help others battling cancer, I knew she was the natural fit to be the face of this issue and represent our alumni fighters.

Lucky for us, as the photographer started snapping during the photoshoot, her charisma shone. She took direction like a seasoned pro and knew exactly what we were trying to achieve; lifting weights as if it was no problem, rep after rep until we got the perfect shot. I attempted to lift her “warm-up” weight and despite her impeccable tips, have been sore ever since.

Once back at my desk I perused her Instagram. Her feed is peppered with inspirational quotes, photos of her during chemo, tips on what it is like to grow your hair back after treatment. She shows so much vulnerability, but does so to help others. She is fighting to not only beat cancer, but also be a leader for others who are going through the same journey. It is motivating to see her combine the knowledge she received as a graduate of the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition and her own personal experience to serve her community.

You can read Amy’s story on page 31. She is just one example of how we can fight, but as you’ll see throughout this issue of the Green & White many of our alumni fight in one capacity or another.

Fighting to get the job done in the face of a crisis, fighting to go above and beyond after an accident, fighting to break the glass ceiling, fighting to maintain and celebrate culture. These features all have that one specific quality throughout them and I thank our alumni who were so candid in sharing their stories.

The University of Saskatchewan is always fighting and building to be the university the world needs. As USask ambassadors and alumni, I encourage you to fight. Fight for what you believe in; fight for what’s right; fight for your voice. It’s only when we fight that we start to see the change we aspire.

USask alumni are pinnacle examples of what it’s like to fight for the greater good. If you are a fighter, email me. I’d love to hear your story.

Leslie-Ann Schlosser

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