Editor's note

There’s something about the aroma of coffee that immediately makes a space inviting.


As I walked into Little Bird Patisserie & Cafe this past March to oversee the cover photo shoot for this issue, I felt an immediate blanket of warmth as the brewing coffee and baked goods hit my nose. It was all so calm, casual and comfortable.

One by one, our subjects started to enter the room. This group of seven people, some of whom have never met before, were instantly connected; shaking hands, nibbling on croissants, laughing.

All these people represent so many unique talents. They are instructors, business owners, restauranteurs, city councilors, board members, and community activists. Our writer for the cover story, a Saskatoon social media entrepreneur, also found time in her busy schedule to stop in and say hello. The fact I managed to get all of these remarkable people in the same room at the same time was not lost on me.

As our photographer started snapping away, the crew proved how quickly and easily community can come together; smiling and laughing with one another as if they had known each other for years.

Of course, the common link between all of them is the fact that they’re U of S alumni. The comfortable nature of this photoshoot just proved to me that everyone who graduates from this university is immediately connected as a part of our alumni community. The common bond that ties them is this beautiful campus and its history.

To me, community has many facets. There can be a direct effort to build community or it can happen organically. It can be a premeditated group of people coming together for the greater good or it can be something that builds almost unassumingly. It’s where we live and who we associate with. It provides a way to connect, to learn, to grow and to feel a part of something greater than ourselves.

U of S alumni represent what it means to be community minded, whatever form community may take. In this issue we see alumni going to great lengths to better their communities. This happens by testing the boundaries of legislature, building channels for community involvement, breaking the barriers of geographical isolation and going the distance to serve across cultures.

As always, I’m honoured to tell your stories. You make me proud. 

Leslie-Ann Schlosser

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